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The Epic of Lawrence Grave: Chapter Two
I leaned back against the cave wall, scowling. The cavern itself had taken me almost half a day to find, the duration of which I was punished by nature in every method conceivable to vampirekind. Not only had the rain not let up, it had switched from cold slush to piercing rain to hail again, each switch heavier and more sudden than the previous. The dirt had turned to a treacherous type of mud that either sucked the boots off of my feet or sent me sliding downhill, whichever was less convenient for me. I had fallen into yet another river, this one smaller but faster than its predecessor, and I was only saved because my hood had caught on something. Although grateful for my recovery, I was given a long gash along the side of my chin, where the clasp had dug into my jaw. My pants and shirt had become bloodied from my numerous trips, falls, swimming expeditions, and failed attempts to measure distances I couldn't see. Had I been without my heavy cloak to fend off the worst of
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The Epic of Lawrence Grave: Chapter One
It is rare that one comes to hate as true abhorrence is. Most can only experience a stronger sort of apathy, a numbing of the conscience, as it were. Unaware of the difference, it is not uncommon for one to acknowledge their lack of affection as "hate."
The Mechanics of Hate, C. G. S.

I remember it was my one hundred and seventh November. The air was biting with cold and the trees were shaking and bare. The ground had frozen over, making it slightly harder to pick my way through the forest, but the moon was new, and provided no light to spot me by. These were the most thrilling nights to hunt by, when the only warning to my prey was the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. These were the nights that I killed for.
Granted, I would be more successful in a more populated area, such as a city, or even an accomplished town, but I preferred the silence of the forest. It was familiar, sharper, and in its own way, comforting. I was accustomed to solitude, and solitude, in many
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The Epic of Lawrence Grave: Table of Contents
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The Epic of Lawrence Grave: Prologue
"I heard something about your 'paid leave.'" Charon smirked, leaning in the doorway. "They really mustn't like me."
I sighed, fastening my cloak. "First of all, no one likes you. Even I do not like you. Second, my door was supposed to be locked."
Another smirk. "I see, that's why the knob was so hard to turn. But are you really going to leave so soon? Persephone's having her ninety-fifth birthday party tomorrow. She'll be heartbroken if you can't come."
"You're just upset that I won't be there to get your next bill passed."
"That's always a concern," he conceded. "How long is your vacation?"
"Eighteen months."
"What? Forty-five years of service and you only get eighteen months for paid leave?"
"Do not act like you had no say in the matter."
"Of course I didn't. No one likes me enough to listen."
I turned to look at him. "One of these days, you'll be beaten within an inch of your life and dried in the sun with garlic around your neck."
Charon snorted. "Well, I can see that you'
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Lost and Found Chapter 3
The walk home was silent except for the shaky rattle of Ace’s wagon and the muffled drag of Julius’s feet.
“Julius, Are you okay?” his acquaintance asked at the door to the clock tower.
“Whatever,” he growled.
“We could always get you a new clock.”
“I said it doesn’t matter!” storming inside, Julius slammed the door in Ace’s face. He kept going until he reached the infirmary and heard a horrible retching sound.
Curiosity piqued, Julius calmed enough to want to peek in. It was a stark white, hospital-looking room with a single cot covered in a pale blue cloth. Underneath the blanket was a shivering lump. Upon a well-landed poke, it tensed and retched again.
“Nn…” shifting the covers, a silver-haired head poked itself out, leaving the rest of the body still burrito-wrapped in the sheet. “Gray, I thought I… You’re not Gray.”
“Did you figure ou
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Lost and Found Chapter 2
Sproing... sproing... sproing...
There was only one reason Julius’s bed would be bobbing at this ungodly hour...
“Good morning, Julius!”
...and that reason came in the form of a red, footie-pajama-clad blur. Even now, as Julius cracked his eyes open, he could see his new housemate smiling more brightly than the rays of sun that shone through his curtain. Ever since the five-year-old had moved in—four days ago—he had taken it upon himself to wake up Julius at the crack of dawn every morning. “To live as much as we can!” or some other flowery, childish philosophy. Whatever reason it was, it seemed Ace was determined to stick with it.
“I thought I locked the door,” he rolled away from the literally bouncing ball of sunshine.
Ace stopped jumping on the mattress and sat down, leaning over to him, “Yeah, but not the air ducts.”
“Of course not the—” Julius shot up. “Wait, did you just say air duct
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Lost and Found Chapter 1
Knock knock knock, Ace’s father rapped on the door.
Mumbled instruction. A high-pitched “Yessir,” could be heard in reply.
Tmp tmp tmp. Click. Creeeak.
The door swung open to reveal a very long-haired girl that couldn’t have been more  than eight years old. Although she was small, she was still taller than Ace by a couple inches. Bright, cobalt eyes regarded him with curiosity, but the rest of her features remained expressionless. Strangely, she wore dark pants instead of a skirt, and a black duster instead of a blouse. A clock-style tie declared her apprenticeship as well as a watch on her left wrist and a miniature clock attached to a black ribbon on the opposite ear. Her attire looked rather heavy for the late-summer heat, but she was the most delicate individual Ace had ever seen.
Blood rushed to his cheeks. While he gaped, the girl bowed to his father and held the door for him to enter. He gave a crooked grin and immediately helped himsel
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Chaos in Wonderland: Chapter Four
Perfect. This is perfect, Nevva thought giddily.
How did things end up being perfect? It started soon after her exit from the hatter's tea party. Walking into the sunset had filled Nevva with a warm feeling of self-importance that quickly dominated every other thought. Flashes of cowboy movies, Superman, and llamas whizzed through her head at the breathtaking rate of a winter slug's half-frozen attempt to move. Because this thinking was much faster than she was currently used to (a feeling she was sure many could sympathize with),  she took a wrong turn on the invisible path that theoretically led her to the clock tower.
Not noticing amid her menagerie of wooly camels and alpacas, she continued until she came across a bright yellow splotch that could only mean one of two things: A mutant space whale had collided with a Jubjub bird and crash-landed, or Ace was lost again and had set up his tent. And since mutant space whales never crash-landed in forests, it had to be t
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Nevva Phail
United States
Here to improve my art style. Whoot. Fistpump. Etc.

Current Residence: Neverland
Favourite genre of music: Everything but rap and country
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Nightcrawler from X-men
Personal Quote: "Poof" is my trademark.
There is nothing better than writing at three A.M. in the morning, right? So, I suddenly discovered GIMP, and thought, "You know? We might end up in a lovely relationship." Here's to hoping--I'm needing the love, seeing as Doctor is still at black heart (Harvest Moon). All I have are me and my turnips. And Carter, but he's not even a bachelor. Dangit.
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